This is me and this is my dog Lilli. She keeps me company when I'm in my studio painting or out in the yard not painting. I can't remember wanting to be
an artist growing up; although my uncle was one. When I was 12 the school chose me to take free classes at the Art Center.  I thought they were crazy!  
They must not have been because I continued art in school and on into college. Back then at ISU, art was in the home economics department which
meant you had to take family relations and food and nutrition classes. We had to wear a skirt to class and had a 10 pm curfew. Not much of an incentive
to be                                          creative! I quit after my third year and worked as a bookkeeper for 10 years.                                                   Since that
seems such an odd choice to most I should point out here that                                                                    second to art, I have a compulsion to organize
things. And, other people’s                                                            money seemed like as good a thing to organize as any! Until it occurred
to                                                             me it was other people’s money. That, and I woke up one morning to                                                                         
discover I was more interested in keeping them honest than                                                                                         they were in being honest so I quit and
went                                                                                                                pell-mell into painting watercolors. Boy did
my                                                                                                             life change! I soon recognized that art
would                                                                                                                        give me opportunities I would
not                                                                                                                                otherwise have. That I could use it
as                                                                                                                      a tool to have the life I wanted. A
tool                                                                                                                               allowing me to be who I am and share
the                                                                                                                   best of who I am with others. I set about
to                                                                                                                      creatively express the rhythms and
pulse                                                                                                                 of life in the seeming mundane and to
expose the opulence of
simplicity. I started traveling
to art fairs all over the US
seeing wonderful sites and
meeting the greatest people,
both artists and customers. I have
never had to change my painting
style or subject matter to cater to
the areas I traveled to. (Just me,
the watercolor I love and the Iowa I love).
And yet I have been accepted in the top
art fairs in the Nation. And talk about honest!
Since 1978 I have NEVER had a bad check
or someone trying to cheat me. Not in Iowa
not a the Sausalito Art Festival or the
Virginia beach art festival or the Fountain
Square in Evanston Ill, or the Plaza in KC,
nowhere, no time!!
Well, times are changing again
and I am coming off the art fair road
and getting on the Internet highway.
Can’t wait to see where this takes me
and who I meet along the way.